Integrated Solar Street light

Integrated Solar Street light

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LED  Light                                                   7W/14W/20W Models available

LED Used                                                   OSRAM/PHILIPS

Solar panel                                                Poly-crystalline 40W/ 30W (For 7W LED but only for MOQ>50Pcs)

Battery capacity Li-Ion*                       14.8V 6.6Ah /11Ah/13.2Ah 15Ah Lithium–ion

Battery capacity LiFePO4*                  12.8V 8Ah/ 12Ah /  15Ah LiFePO4 battery

Battery Watt Hour                                 102Whr / 154 Whr / 192Whr

Motion Sensor                                        PIR motion sensor

LUMEN Output                                       100Lm/W.

Dimming Control                                    After 4 Hrs full intensity dim to 1/3rd intensity if no motion for 1 min

Structure Made of                                                 Aluminium / MS powder coated Plate for better heat dispersion

Light mounting height                          4m – 5m

Space between light poles                 10m – 15m

Product Warranty                                  2 Year (Battery warranty 1-2 year  (Li-Ion/LiFeO4))

Light backup time                                  15Hrs with dimming Controls