Hybrid MPPT Solar Charge Controller 48-120V

Hybrid MPPT Solar Charge Controller 48-120V

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It is a Solar based MPPT charge controller with additional controls to provide power to the application from grid, in case of non-availability of Solar Power.

 General Specifications

  1.     Nano Technology based intelligent controller
  2.         Self-monitoring all connected sources & loads
  3.        Integral design ,MPPT solar charge controller
  4.         High Voltage Solar charging for longer distances of panels
  5.         Automatic re-start facility after fault  triggered shutdown
  6.        LCD Display for power generation/ consumption
  7.         AC Based Hybrid Switching in case of Solar Failure


    a)      Input under voltage / Deep discharge of battery

    b)      Input surge voltage protection

    c)       Over current (Solar, Battery & DC Load)

    d)      Battery reverse polarity protection

    e)      DC rated fuse at Battery input

    f)       Under / Over output voltage

    g)      Suitable protection for solid-state switching devices

    h)      Output Short circuit protection